ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Most Zoo’s in New Mexico have reopened since being shut down for months. One zoo in southeast New Mexico is still closed except for private tours.

People around Roswell all had the same question, why is the Spring River Zoo in Roswell still closed? It remains closed while the Hillcrest Zoo in Clovis and the BioPark in Albuquerque have reopened to the general public.

Roswell, on the other hand, has only opened up to private one hour tours which Whitney says can be very difficult to plan out. “The private thing, that’s kinda hard. I wish they would just open it up and let us go when we want to go,” said resident Chris Whitney.

The City of Roswell said that they have decided to open up for tours back in April and have continued with that because they are still doing some work on the pond at the zoo. But people in Roswell just want somewhere they can go.

“I really wish that they open it back up so we can all get the kids together again having fun,” said Whitney. The city council approved for the zoo to start charging visitors.

Residents say they are willing to pay if that means money will be spent on upgrading the zoo. “Oh I don’t mind paying you know, definitely if it’s going to help our zoo and help us get more animals, fix it up,” said Whitney. The Spring River Zoo says it is starting to work on a plan to reopen but has no definitive date.

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