The city of Roswell is taking the alien and UFO theme to another level.

With the new “Roswell, New Mexico” television show based on the infamous alleged cover-up set to premiere, the city says it’s time to really own the town’s iconic “million dollar brand.”

“I think we could use an update,” said Patti Stacy.

It’s all part of Roswell’s community branding campaign, complete with a logo featuring a UFO and “‘we believe” slogan.

“I love it because I do believe in Roswell,” said Sandra England.

“We thought it could have two meanings. We believe in ourselves, and what we stand for, and we also could believe in the aliens and the incident,” said Director of Public Affairs Juanita Jennings.

It also includes tourism advertising featuring redacted text and original Roswell merchandise pieces.

The goal is to unify the internal departments within Roswell: from the police department to the administration.

“One voice, one look, one feel, and also give the community that one identity that they can really get behind,” said Jennings.

Jennings says they wanted more cohesiveness, as the city currently has 26 different logos around town.

“Especially knowing that we have a million dollar, or I would say even billion-dollar brand, out there for tourism and even for other economic development opportunities,” said Jennings.

The city started working with a new advertising firm last July. KRQE News 13 is told it’s a $20,000 investment – something Roswell residents say is a smart idea.

“I think we all need to be on the same page. We all need to support the community,” said England.

“The myth is never going away. So as a city, let’s embrace it, let’s take it to the next level and really take advantage of what is our gift,” said Peter Kelly.

It’s estimated the city has received about $1.6 million in free advertising from the show, set to premiere Tuesday at 8 p.m on KRQE’s sister station, the CW.

Because of it, the city is anticipating a big impact to the UFO Festival. They plan to officially roll the brand out in July, just ahead of the weekend-long celebration.