ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — The City of Roswell is trying to figure out how to a void major flooding in the future. This comes after storms damaged homes and washed out bridges in the area last month. Roswell got more than three inches in June, and it wreaked havoc on their drainage system in the Holly Loop neighborhood.

“It was over a 100 event. Nothing is designed to cover a 100-year event. So this neighborhood, they’ve experienced two events last year and this year that are over 100-year event,” says Louis Najar, city engineer for the City of Roswell. Najar says the storm drains in the northeast section of town where it flooded were only put in in 2007.

He says for 15 years they didn’t have flooding there—until last year. He says after the flooding happened in the same area last year, their engineers surveyed the area and came up with the design to help the drains handle heavy rains. “Now that we’re in the new fiscal year I already have requests for quotes out. So we’ll be getting the quotes back from the contractors July 20th and we’ll be sending it to council for approval and get to work,” Najar says.

Najar says the budget for this project is $175,000 dollars. He says it will add a drop inlet and a drainage pipe so the area will have two instead of just one. Najar anticipates the City Council will award the money in August and hopes to have this project done by the fall. He also says that historically there has been flooding in the southeast main street area of Roswell. They are planning to ask the legislature for money to develop plans to fix drainage issues there as well.