Video captured by two U.S. Navy pilots over the east coast in 2015 has been released, and it shows what a lot of people think is a UFO.

KRQE News 13 took the footage to Roswell’s UFO Museum to see what people there think of all the hoopla the video is creating.

“Oh my gosh, dude. Look at that flying,” said a U.S. Navy pilot in the video. “Wow! What is that, man?”

The video, just released by the Pentagon, has left millions wondering the same thing.

“It’s got a trajectory and it’s got a bearing and it’s too low to be just some space junk floating in space,” said Beth Weigand, spokesperson for the UFO Museum.

Seeing the newspaper clippings and hearing the stories everyday at work, KRQE News 13 asked the people at the UFO museum what they think the object could be.

“I have a funny feeling it’s exactly what they think it is,” Weigand said. “I think it’s an unidentified flying object.”

Theories abound that someone or something is flying the object in the video. To a lot of UFO buffs, that can mean one thing and one thing only. 

“A UFO definitely, it has to be,” said Jeffery Groenke, a visitor from San Marcos, Texas.

Many on the streets of Roswell believe the same thing.

“I mean it has to be an alien obviously. There’s no other solution, it has to be an alien,” said Thomas Rodriguez, a visitor from South Texas.

A visitor from Weatherford, Texas, Abigail Lesly, said, “They don’t look like airplanes or anything else and they sure don’t look like no weather balloon.”

“I think it was a UFO because it was very small and it was going super-fast and I’m pretty sure an airplane cannot go that fast,” said Kenneth Woolsey, a visitor from Grandbury, Texas. 

Of course, there were a few skeptics.

“It could just be something really fast and really little. You can’t really tell,” said Rafael Garcia, a visitor from Waco, Texas.

Anna Rodgers from Brownfield, Texas, said, “It is actually pretty similar but there’s no telling what it could be.” She added that it could possibly be a UFO.

The UFO museum says it will try to track down more info on the mysterious sighting before putting it on exhibit at the museum.

The video was obtained by a group called “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science” with a simple public records request. The Pentagon is not commenting on the footage captured by those F/A 18 super hornets.