ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – An animal rights group says a city-run shelter is neglecting animals. “They are being left to in some cases suffer and pass away,” said Megen Telles, a member of Support Roswell Animals.

“Our concerns are basically that animals that are found to be in their care are not being treated properly. They’re not being given the proper veterinary care that they need,” said Telles.

For a long time, the group along with a rescue called “Friends of Roswell Animals” has been asking Roswell city leaders to fix the problem. They sent letters to the city which showed photos from inside the shelter which seem to show neglect. The city responded by scheduling a meeting for Tuesday night where the public could voice their concerns.

“We know we have problems. We are trying to work on them. We are looking for the solutions and I’ll tell you there’s a lot of brain power in this room, and we should be able to find those solutions,” said Joe Neeb, Roswell City Manager, at Tuesday nights meeting.

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One problem, dogs are coming in contact with cleaning products which cause blisters on their paws. According to New Mexico shelter standards, kennels shall be cleaned while animals are no longer inside them.

During the meeting, the activists said they also want the shelters euthanasia procedures looked at. “We want a policy that prevents the wrong animals from being euthanized. It has occurred in the past where the wrong animal has been sent for euthanasia,” said Nicole East with Support Roswell Animals.

During the meeting, the city said they believe they are following the standard operating guidelines, but admitted there needs to be changes. The city mentioned they are working to get animals out of the shelter sooner by encouraging adoption. Some at the meeting supported the animal shelter saying it has improved in the last year.

One idea brought up in the meeting by activists, was separating the intake and reclaim area from the shelter to help reduce the spread of disease.