ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – After the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department paused their appearance on the TV reality show On Patrol: Live, the show producers approached the Roswell Police Department. It’s now sparking debate there, where councilors are divided on if it would be a good or back look for their city.

Police chief Phil Smith told the city’s public safety committee last week he was approached by the reality show and felt it would benefit his department.

“I think it’d be pretty good to have the Roswell Police Department as part of the TV series. I think the community would enjoy it,” said Smith.

In late 2022, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office was part of the reality show, but members of the public claimed it was a distraction for deputies while they were trying to work. That prompted the new sheriff to take a break from the show. Even a review board suggested they stop appearing on the show.

During the Roswell Public Safety Committee meeting, one councilor said she was worried the show would make Roswell look bad.

“I’m having a real big problem with this. We’ve worked long and hard to get our tourism built up and to me, this is a negative hit on Roswell,” said a Roswell councilor.

On the other side of the fence, a different councilor felt it would be a good thing for the city in the long run.

“The truth is: any press is good press. I mean, Roswell’s name is being seen in New York, it thinks Roswell, and it’ll be in the back of someone’s head and think, we want to go there,” said a Roswell councilor.

Thursday, Roswell’s Legal Committee decided whether it would move forward with the proposal and present it to the full City Council. Vice Chair Cristina Arnold and Councilor Juan Oropesa decided not to second the motion, killing the plans for now.

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“While I do understand that there could be some benefits to the police department, I’m not willing to actually expose my constituents to that kind of environment,” said Arnold.

Although this proposal didn’t pass the legal committee, the mayor has the authority to bring it for discussion.