ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – One city councilor in New Mexico is calling a fellow city councilor a snitch claiming he called the state hotline to report non-essential businesses that were open.

“I’m very upset he wanted to close an entity here in Roswell,” said Jeanine Best.

Roswell city councilor for Ward 3, Jeanine Corn Best, took to Facebook over the weekend after she believed one of her fellow city councilors, Juan Oropesa, was responsible for calling New Mexico State Police on a non-essential business for remaining open. Not just once but twice. Best said they need to be helping the small businesses remain open and not call to close them.

“There are some of them that are not going to make it, there really are and we’ve got to do what we can to make it, and snitching on them, calling the hotline, calling the state police, turning them in is not good,” said Best.

Oropesa says councilor Best is completely false and has no facts to back the claims. “How can you make statements that you think are factual, when you can’t even back them up,” said Oropesa.

Councilor Best said she spoke to the business owner herself who told her who reported them, that’s when she called out Oropesa for snitching. Which Oropesa says, tells him she is okay with breaking the law. “The very fact she used the word snitch, in and of itself tells me that she knew that the small businesses she is referring to are breaking the law,” said Oropesa.

Oropesa said even though the allegations were false, they will still have an effect on the community. “Oh, absolutely this is not good for Roswell. What she did was divide the community,” said Oropesa.

Oropesa said he did not make any calls to the hotline but his wife did send an email about one business in Roswell to the governor’s office.