NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A new report says New Mexico needs to invest more to improve roads. According to the Trip Report, a national nonprofit that researches transportation issues, 56% of major roads across the state are considered in either poor or mediocre condition.

In the metro, that figure jumped to 60%. Trip estimates that costs the average Albuquerque driver $1,000 on vehicle deprecation, repair costs, tire wear, and extra other operating costs. The report says $5.7 billion is needed for projects identified by NMDOT, but many aren’t funded.

“the state is now seeing a return to pre-pandemic level vehicle travel levels, but because of a lack of transportation funding, the state is contending with roads that are now increasingly deteriorated, congested, and don’t have all the safety features that we like to see on them,” says Carolyn Kelly, director of communications and Research for Trip.

Trip also says congestion has also gotten worse, with Albuquerque drivers losing 46 hours each year because of traffic delays.