NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The American Rescue Plan Act will help New Mexicans who are on unemployment. “A lot of these people in these programs, as soon as that money comes in, a lot of it goes right back out in terms of putting food on the table, paying utility bills, all of those other things people need to do right now,” said Secretary of New Mexico Workforce Solutions Bill McCamley.

The bill extends unemployment benefits through Labor Day and raises them by $300 a week. The extended programs include Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation which becomes available after regular state UI benefits are exhausted, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for self-employed, gig economy workers, independent contractors, and those with insufficient work history, and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation which provides an additional $300 to eligible weekly certifications.

McCamley says the timing of the bill is good news for more than 107,000 New Mexicans still receiving benefits.

“The really good news about this bill being passed and signed so quickly and without changes to the system is that all New Mexicans should see a continuation of their benefit checks without any breaks,” said McCamley. Unemployment programs were scheduled to end on Saturday, March 13.