RED RIVER, N.M. (KRQE) – Red River mayor Linda Calhoun said their annual Memorial Day motorcycle rally will not return. She told News 13 that in light of Saturday’s deadly shooting, the city doesn’t think it’s appropriate to invite motorcycle gang members to come to Red River. She said the city does not tolerate the type of behavior that puts community members and guests in danger.

Going forward, they’re planning a different Memorial Day event that will honor veterans and their families. They are in the beginning phases of planning the new event so details are limited.

Here is the full statement from Mayor Linda Calhoun:

After the events that happened this past weekend, we don’t think it is appropriate to encourage motorcycle gang members to come to Red River.  We are a family vacation destination and are not willing to tolerate this type of behavior that puts our guests and community members at risk.  Going forward, we are planning on an event that will honor our veterans and families.  We are just now beginning the planning process for this transition and will be advertising the new event as details become available.

Mayor Linda Calhoun