SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – As the saying goes, one man’s trash might look great in your living room. That’s the philosophy at the 24th Annual Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival, which kicked off on Friday, November 10th. “This entire festival is based on reusing,” said festival director, Sarah Pierpont.

It was night one of the Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival and the Santa Fe Community Convention Center was packed with handmade goods, made entirely from recycled products. “You have torn up thrift store jackets that have been up-cycled and re-sown and re-purposed, we have scrap metal that has been welded into garden art, we have jewelry out of every possible thing you can think of and it’s a really great and innovative way to see how you can re-use and repurpose items in our daily lives,” said Pierpont.

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Albuquerque artist Mitch Berg has been coming every year since 1999. “I think I’m the only artist who’s been to every single one of these and I started at this show and became this,” said Berg.

Berg specializes in glasswork. “I can’t stop it from happening it…really everything I pick up off the ground it has a life already and I just manifest it,” said Berg.

Now, the art show isn’t the only attraction tonight as models took to the runway in a trash fashion show. “We have contestants ranging in age from nine to grandma’s age and everything that they are wearing is trash,” said Pierpont.

“The bottom of the top is paper plates and the rest is all newspaper,” said Mariana Mata, Monte del Sol High School junior.

Mata not only helped design this piece, she’ll be wearing it. “Very nervous it’s my first time doing something like this it’s really exciting,” said Mata.

Berg said the entire event brings together creative souls passionate about giving new life to forgotten gems.”Some people are like oh it’s junk but it’s really not,” said Berg. “Recycled art there is just nothing like it we need more of these kind of venues.”

The festival continues throughout the weekend with free admission. Click here for more information on the festival.