ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – A Roswell woman comes home to find a very unwelcome guest in her driveway, a python snake. When she got out of her vehicle the snake then decided to make her car a new home.

“It’s certainly unusual,” said Todd Wildermuth, spokesperson for the city of Roswell.

When Yolanda Borunda returned home from getting dinner with the family Sunday night, she was surprised to see a snake in her driveway. She said her only fear was that it was going to go into the house or her car.

“As long as it doesn’t slither up into the other vehicle that’s in our yard that was my first thought and I got out of my vehicle to see if it’s in the road and sure enough it had slithered into the tire of my white truck that I have in my driveway,” said Yolanda.

The three-foot python had slithered up into her truck and wrapped itself around the rim, that’s when Yolanda said she decided to get close enough to make sure it was indeed a snake after she snagged a photo she called Animal Control to come and get it.

“My first thought that well you know somebody’s pet and second I’m scared of snakes so um I didn’t really want to get too close but I wanted to make completely sure that’s what I did see,” said Yolanda.

Animal Control does not respond after hours, so a few Roswell Police officers arrived and spent almost an hour freeing the snake which had made its way into the engine block. The snake was then taken to Animal Control, where the mystery in now to find out where it came from and who might be missing a python.

“This was most likely a pet that escaped from someone’s house wherever they were keeping it,” said Todd.

The staff at Animal Control said that the snake is around three-feet long and a few years old. The city says a few people have come forward believing they know who owns it. If no owner comes forward in the next four days, the snake will go up for adoption.