SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – After backlash from neighbors, the people behind the major Corillo de Vida Hermosa development in Santa Fe are scrapping part of their plans and making changes to better address neighbors’ concerns.

“I was shocked as were all the neighbors who found out,” said Lynn Christiansen.

Her reaction is just one of several coming from neighbors across seven Santa Fe neighborhoods who are against a proposed crematorium as part of the 64-acre development near I-25 and Richards Avenue.

“Crematoriums don’t belong near people. They don’t belong near children. They don’t belong near families. We don’t want it added now or ever. We want to make it very clear, the opposition is very united in that. No crematorium,” stated Christiansen.

After neighborhood resistance, including hundreds of signed petitions against the crematorium, Delilah Mirabal, a partner for the Corillo de Vida Hermosa development, said they’ve gone back to the drawing board.

“I hope they are happy with our decision, but also we are doing it because we just want to be good neighbors,” Mirabal said. While plans for the crematorium have since been scrapped, Mirabal says their vision remains. “We want to build a beautiful space for the neighborhood, and we want to keep our neighbors happy. Apartments, townhouses, assisted living facilities plus plenty of parks, walking trails,” said Mirabal.

Other plans for the proposed site include retail shops, restaurants, and a grocery store, but as neighbors celebrate their victory, some said they’re hoping the developer follows through.

Christiansen said, “We need to know that they are taking it off now, and permanently, this isn’t something that we want approved, taken off now, and getting through the approval process, and then finding out later, ‘Well, we have decided to add it now.’ No!”

Developers said they’re still waiting for county approval on the site plans. They hope to have the project completed sometime in 2025.