LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (KRQE) – The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce is offering an incentive to entrepreneurs in hopes they’ll set up shop in the Atomic city. Thanks to the Business Accelerator Program, last year, four businesses opened up in Los Alamos. The program’s funding helped entrepreneurs with start-up costs. Since the program went so well last year, they’ve decided to bring it back for a second round.

Last year, a grant given to the Chamber of Commerce by the state’s Economic Development Department got the program off the ground. Due to the success of the program, the chamber, along with a handful of businesses in the community, came together to fund a second year.

Businesses that are accepted for the funding, will be given money based on the expenses they’re facing. This year they are expanding who can apply for the money. Food and beverage establishments were added to the list along with retail spaces. They’re hopeful this will draw business owners to Los Alamos and inspire locals to open up their own businesses.

“We’re looking for entrepreneurs that are interested in starting businesses that just really bring a lot more retail and independent businesses to help diversify the economy. It’s small businesses I think like that that really make a community interesting not just for the locals but for tourists that come into town,” said Ryn Herrmann, Director of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.

The program is run by Los Alamos Main Street and their Chamber of Commerce. Last year the program paid for the entrepreneurs rent and insurance for a year. They also paid for their utilities and marketing costs. Applications are open to local entrepreneurs and those out of state. Those are due on Aug. 30.