EDGEWOOD, N.M. (KRQE) – Many living in the East Mountains faced a big inconvenience on Christmas night; power outages. The area’s electric co-op said things seem to be back up and running for the most part.

“Kind of frustrated. Running generators to run the electricity for the pump and for the refrigerator,” shared Rob Richards, an East Mountain resident.

East Mountain residents were frustrated Monday because they hadn’t had power since Sunday night. “It can be frustrating with having no lights for a while and then [no] refrigerator. Just everything in general,” said Cedar Grove resident Crystal Collaso.

Lights, heat, and other devices were out of order Monday in Sandia Park, Sandia Knolls, and parts of Edgewood. Causing many to resort to candles and fireplaces for light and heat. The outage occurred on Christmas night around 10:30 p.m. According to the Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative C.E.O. Alena Brandenberger, there were more than 2,000 homes affected.

“[Engineers] worked all night. They found all of the issues this morning on the system and started making repairs from that time on,” said Brandenberger.

The Co-Op says the outage was weather-related, blaming it on wear and tear to an overhead system. They also wrote on Facebook and their website they needed to change out a large transformer. They also added that they sent out messages Monday to customers affected. However, those in the community who spoke to KRQE said they felt the co-op did not update them enough.

Those left in the dark, were out buying generators Monday, not knowing how long the power would stay out. Stores in town said they sold many throughout the day. Other stores said the power outage affected their ability to complete customers’ purchases. However, this seems to be nothing new for the area.

Collaso added it is a common issue in the area. She said her family has experienced multiple outages in the past couple of years. “We’ve only had one other bad outage this winter but 10 years ago, these were a monthly occurrence and it’s gotten better,” said another Cedar Grove resident Roger Nyholm.

The electric co-op C.E.O. said as of 9:00 p.m. Monday night, they restored power to the majority of the area. Most homes did not have power restored until later in the day. Some residents said the power was on and off all day. The outage continues for the Sandia Knolls area because crews still need to replace one transformer. Brandenberger said due to supply chain issues, they won’t get another transformer until Tuesday.