NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – We are learning more about the hoax school shooting calls at five New Mexico high schools.  Those calls had frantic parents rushing to the schools to make sure their children were okay.

KRQE 13 obtained three of those hoax calls. 

It all started with a call to Volcano Vista High School around 1 p.m. The caller had a thick accent. 

The 911 operator in Bernalillo County had a difficult time understanding what the hoaxer was saying. Other calls were made, and the voice in all three calls sounds exactly alike. 

The unknown caller said the shooting happened in the cafeteria and three students were shot. 

The Albuquerque caller gave an out-of-state number. The 911 dispatcher asked if he was a teacher. He responds by saying he is a student. The dispatcher sounds surprised that he is claiming to be a student locked in a classroom. 

The description of the suspect was all the same, described as a Hispanic male wearing a red shirt and blue pants. The caller then tells the dispatcher that their name is Jack Albert.

The FBI is working with Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Albuquerque Police to try and find out who made the prank calls. 

We have received three of the five hoax calls. In each one, the story gets shorter each time he tells it. The FBI is asking anyone with information about these hoax calls to call 1-800-call-FBI. 

They warn that anyone who makes hoax threats can be punished with up to five years in federal prison.