A New Mexico man has been arrested for his role in a multi-state crime spree. Oregon State Police say 30-year-old Matthew Fanelli from New Mexico and 31-year-old Jose Lopez-Jovel were arrested on Saturday after an attempted carjacking in Roseburg.

Oregon State Police said Fanelli tried shot the man and assaulted the woman, but didn’t end up stealing the car. According to police, that man remains in critical condition.

It all started Friday in Colorado Springs when Fanelli shot at the manager and bouncers of a strip club after he was kicked out.

Fanelli got away that night with Lopez-Jovel and a woman who worked at the club. Police say the trio took off north to Denver, where they shot and killed a man in a carjacking. According to police, the three then fled in the man’s black Cadillac.

However, it would be nearly 24 hours until police caught up with them. In that time, police in Wyoming say the suspects robbed a convenience store and a Wells Fargo in Utah.

State Police in Oregon caught up with the group after officers say they tried carjacking another person. According to officers, Fanelli left Lopez-Jovel and the woman behind.

That’s when OSPD said Fanelli led them on high-speed chase shooting at officers on the interstate. According to investigators, one of those shots went into a van carrying a 10-month-old baby.

Hours later, it all came to an end behind a church where police took Fanelli into custody.

Fanelli and Lopez-Jovel were both booked into jail in Oregon. Fanelli is facing a handful of charges across state lines including a murder charge out of Denver.

KRQE News 13 also learned Fanelli had a warrant out of the Albuquerque area for assault against a police officer.