NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – PNM is warning its customers of a new phone scam. PNM says they have been getting reports of scammers calling customers with a fake PNM caller ID or leaving fake callback numbers.

The scammers are claiming the customer is behind on their bill and threaten to disconnect their power unless paid. They are asking to be paid with pre-paid gift cards or online digital payments. PNM says scammers usually demand anywhere between $200 -$500 when targeting residential customers and sometimes over $1000 when targeting businesses.

PNM’s list of what to watch for:
• Scammer has a caller ID that reads PNM
• Scammer may know your name and address
• Scammer will claim you are past-due on your PNM bill
• Scammer will claim a technician is on their way to disconnect your power within 1-hour
• Scammer will demand you pay over the phone to prevent power from being disconnected
• Scammer will only take payment over the phone and will only accept a pre-paid card or an online
digital payment such as Zelle
• If the caller is calling at odd hours, the weekend, or on a holiday, it might be a scam

According to PNM they received almost 1,900 scam reports in 2021, so far in 2022 they have received 350 scam reports. Anyone who receives a scam call is encouraged to report them to the FBI at and report to PNM at 888-DIAL-PNM (888-3425-766).