BELEN, N.M. (KRQE) – The Valencia County dad who was run over at a graduation party back in 2019, is upset because the driver he says tried to kill him was about to be let off without any prison time. Then the D.A.’s office pulled an about-face. Tyler Saavedra was offered a plea deal in the case, only probation, but it didn’t get that far. “I wake up broken every day,” said Travis Breeze, the Valencia County man who was run down by a car back in 2019.

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Breeze suffered a fractured jaw, shoulder, skull, and bleeding from the brain. He says the man behind the wheel was a former friend, Tyler Saavedra. Just before the incident, Breeze says he had confronted Saavedra about groping a woman at the party. Saavedra was charged with attempted murder, aggravated DWI, and battery.

On Monday in court, Breeze learned prosecutors had offered Saavedra a plea deal, five years of probation, no time behind bars. “What bothers me the most is that’s the justice they’re after? They want to give him five years of probation for trying to kill me?” said Breeze.

The District Attorney says they offered Saavedra the deal because prosecutors were unable to get in contact with Breeze. “Without the victim, we wouldn’t be able to prove the case,” said District Attorney Barbara Romo, with the 13th Judicial District.

Romo says the plea was withdrawn Wednesday after Breeze showed up in court and let prosecutors know he wants to testify. That case is now scheduled to go on trial in December. If Saavedra is convicted he could face up to 12 years behind bars.