NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – PETA is condemning the Spring River Zoo in Roswell. They’ve spoken out after four animals were mauled by dogs.

It’s been one week since three dogs dug their way into the zoo and killed three barbary sheep and a wallaby.

Roswell city officials said they have put barriers into the ground to prevent that from happening again, but PETA said it’s just the latest in a long list of problems at the zoo. They pointed to several federal citations dating back to 2013.

Among them, an elk that had to be put down last year after its leg got stuck in a broken fence. The animal rights group is now calling for the zoo to shut down for good.

“The numerous fatalities and escapes at Spring River show that it either can’t or won’t provide animals with necessary care,” said PETA Foundation General Counsel for Captive Animal Law Enforcement Brittany Peet, “It’s high time for the local or federal government to shut down this miserable roadside zoo and send the animals to reputable facilities before the body count gets any higher.”

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We reached out to the city for its reaction to PETA’s calls to close the zoo. The response was from both the zoo and the city. It can be seen below.

Spring River Zoo has taken appropriate action to rectify and/or improve its facilities each time an issue has come up regarding its animals. In addition, the zoo is continually planning and implementing new measures and care to protect the welfare of the animals. 

Last week’s incident involving loose dogs that attacked and killed four zoo animals was a heartbreaking tragedy. Enhanced security and safety measures have been and will continue to be constructed to further protect the zoo animals. 

PETA has issued many statements through the years as part of its continual effort to get the zoo closed. The City of Roswell and Spring River Zoo have no expectations that PETA’s campaign against the zoo will stop. However, zoo and city staff remain dedicated to always work to provide the best care for the animals and improve the zoo for the animals and community.  

Statement from City of Roswell and Spring River Zoo