LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KTSM) – A Florida-based pet transportation service company said it is sending its most seasoned transporter to Las Cruces to help look for Jingo, a dog lost earlier in the week after it ran away from a handler at a gas station.

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As KTSM previously reported, a woman in Los Angeles hired Blue Collar Pet Transportation to take her dog Jingo home. The dog, however, bit the employee responsible for transporting Jingo and ran away into the desert at a Love’s truck station in Las Cruces.

The Las Cruces community heard of the dog’s disappearance and gathered to help look for her in the desert. The dog’s owner said her pet is naturally nervous and said she disclosed that to the transporter beforehand.

Blue Collar Pet transportation sent the following statement to KTSM:

We train for this daily. Jingo turned and bit the transporter during a potty break stop and it was noted that he was a runner and sure enough, when the transporter recoiled from the bite, Jingo seized the opportunity and took off. We spent 2 days scouring the area, knocking on doors, showing pictures of Jingo to businesses. We’ve been in contact with animal control and the local police department trying to get help.

Blue Collar Pet Transportation

A spokesperson for the company said they want to continue helping the family look for Jingo who was last seen in the desert, however, groups have been unsuccessful in rescuing her.

“It’s a very precarious business we’re in, but we started this because of the owner’s love for animals. We would never do anything except what is best for the pet and the customer but we are humans and we’re certainly not perfect. We’re doing everything in our power to help find Jingo,” the spokesperson said.