NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It was a chaotic scene in Valencia County after an amateur beekeeper’s bees swarmed a couple as they were leaving their home. The woman, who’s 33 weeks pregnant, and her boyfriend were each stung again and again.

As Bosque Farms Police responded to a neighborhood in nearby Peralta they were med by a swarm of bees who kept attacking a young couple and then swarmed the officers. The young man in the video says they were walking out their front door late Sunday morning to go get lunch when the bees swarmed them.

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They came from their neighbor’s yard. He says their neighbor installed the bee boxes a few weeks back and the bees have been bothering people and their dogs in the neighborhood since.

The police video shows the moments after the attack as officers drove the couple down the block and sprayed the pregnant woman’s hair with alcohol to get rid of the bees. The officer who helped the woman in the video said he’s allergic to bees himself. The young man said they each had been stung dozens of times.

Currently, the beehive still stands covered by a tarp, and bees still flying in the area. The town of Peralta hasn’t said why the bees are still there. Bosque Farms Police said the beekeeper won’t be charged with anything because owning bees that attack someone is not a crime.