NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Otero County Commissioners have certified their primary election results after the courts ordered them to do so. The commission held an emergency vote Friday to meet the certification deadline. They originally voted not to certify, citing concerns about the accuracy of vote tabulation machines.

The Secretary of State’s office said there was no evidence of election irregularities and that the commission had no authority to change election protocols.

The state Supreme Court stepped in and ordered commissioners to certify the results. In the meeting, two of the three commissioners said their concerns remain but they felt bound to follow the orders of the court. “We can get fined, imprisoned, removed from office, and then the governor can replace our seats. And so I feel we can do the county more good by remaining in our seats rather than giving them up and letting somebody else,” said Vickie Marquardt, Otero County Commissioner.

Only Commissioner Couy Griffin, who joined the meeting remotely, voted against certifying the results.