NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Director Christopher Nolan filmed “Oppenheimer” in several locations in New Mexico. It tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer and how he researched and designed the atomic bomb.

“Oppenheimer” takes viewers to multiple historical sites that are still standing to show Oppenheimer’s work inside and outside Los Alamos National Laboratory during the Manhattan Project.

“Oppenheimer” was partially filmed in Los Alamos in the spring of 2022. Other filming locations in New Mexico include Lamy, Ghost Ranch, Belen, and Santa Fe. The movie was released on July 21, 2023.

“Oppenheimer” filming locations in New Mexico

Los Alamos

Oppenheimer House in Los Alamos, New Mexico. (Credit: Los Alamos County)

The Oppenheimer House, located at 1967 Peach St., Los Alamos, is owned by the Los Alamos Historical Society. It is not currently open to the public, but visitors are able to look outside the house.

The house, built in 1929, served the Los Alamos Ranch School before the Manhattan Project took over. Oppenheimer, his wife Kitty, daughter Toni, and son Peter lived in the home from 1943-1945, according to Visit Los Alamos.

Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos, New Mexico. (Credit: Los Alamos County)

The Fuller Lodge, located at 2132 Central Ave., Los Alamos, is owned by Los Alamos County. Visit Los Alamos said it is free and open to the public. Fuller Lodge served as a community center for Manhattan Project workers.

Civilian Women’s Dormitory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. (Credit: Los Alamos County)

The Civilian Women’s Dormitory, located at 1725 17th St., Los Alamos, is owned by Los Alamos County. It is currently not open to the public, but visitors can look around outside the building. The dorm housed women civilians and non-military staff that worked on the Manhattan Project.

United Church of Los Alamos in Los Alamos, New Mexico. (Credit: Los Alamos County)

The United Church of Los Alamos, 2525 Canyon Rd., Los Alamos, is an active church open to the public at certain times.


Lamy Train Station in Lamy, New Mexico. (Credit: National Park Service)

Lamy Train Station, located at 152 Old Lamy Trail, Lamy, is operated by Amtrak and is still in use. The Lamy Train Station was commonly the first stop for staff and their families arriving to New Mexico on their way to the secret city of Los Alamos, according to the National Park Service (NPS).


Scenes showing the bomb test site, based on the real Trinity Test Site, were filmed in Belen, according to the New Mexico Film Office.

Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu

The set for “Oppenheimer” was built in Ghost Ranch, NMFO confirmed.

Other places to visit in New Mexico that are related to the Manhattan Project:

Trinity Test Site

The Trinity Test Site is located at White Sands Missile Range and is where the world’s first atomic bomb was tested and detonated in 1945. The site is open twice a year to the public in April and October.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory is still in operation today. Members of the public are not allowed in most laboratory buildings, with the exception of the free Bradbury Science Museum, The Manhattan Project National Historical Park offers limited behind-the-fence tours at LANL during select times each year.

109 E. Palace Ave.

Located in Santa Fe, 109 E. Palace Ave. is where Dorothy McKibbin checked in new Manhattan Project staff and gave them their passes and identification to enter the secret city of Los Alamos, NPS stated. 

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The NPS has more information about places and activities related to the Manhattan Project here. NPS and Los Alamos have also created self-guided tours. Which can be found below:

“Oppenheimer” was also filmed at locations in California and New Jersey.