SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Did you know that one of the most haunted RV campgrounds is here in New Mexico? The Holy Ghost Campground northeast of Santa Fe made the list of ghostly getaways in the National Travel Blog.

There are two legends about how this place became haunted. One of them is that a priest killed Native Americans from the pueblo during the late 17th century, and the other version is that Native Americans from the pueblo killed the priest.

The campground in the Santa Fe National Forest north of Terrero caught the eye of the RV Trader Blog. According to Rachel Heseltine, they started doing their research over the summer and there were a lot of things that got their attention.

“They do say folks have seen odd occurrences, such as disappearing state troopers, shadows moving in the trees, the sound of chanting in the forest,” said Heseltine.

Outside Magazine also listed the campground as one of the 15 Most Haunted Campgrounds in the United States in 2019. Being on these types of lists does bring more people to the campground, especially during this time of year.

“I do think it fun when you get put on a list like that. It can be fun for folks looking for something out of the ordinary to check out a so-called haunted campground,” said Julie Ann Overton, Public Affairs Officer at the Santa Fe National Forest.

Most of the campground is first come first serve and it’s $8 a night. You can reserve the group campground but that is booked well in advance.