NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A New Mexico teenager recently passed away from a rare form of bone cancer. But in his final weeks, a national nonprofit granted some of his final wishes.

Erin Tsosie says her thirteen-year-old son Balian was full of ambition. “He wanted to become a scientist,” said Tsosie. She says he loved to learn up until his very last day. “He contented himself towards the very end by saying, ‘once I pass, I’ll learn everything,'” Tsosie said.

Balian Tsosie passed away on New Years Day from a rare form of bone cancer, after being diagnosed in October of 2018. “It’s almost like you have to mourn the loss of a life that never was,” said Tsosie.

She says he fought until the very end. In October of 2020, they found out the treatments were no longer working and Balian was placed in hospice care. Tsosie says it was tough, but a national nonprofit Make it Better Agents, helped make her son’s final weeks a little bit easier.

Balian was given an X-Box gaming system, games, and a chance to participate in a live-streaming event with his favorite Youtube gamer. “Zanny gamed with Balian and his brother Timothy on a live stream where he raised and matched funds with the other gamers and Dan TDM sent a video,” said Ann Graham, President of Make it Better Agents.

Tsosie says it was great to see her son have a chance to be a kid, and enjoy some fun after years of pain and treatments.

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