NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A local non-profit who holds free spay and neuter clinics is at a loss after they said their trailer with most of their equipment is gone.

“Still motivated. Even more so now,” said Volunteer with Helping Paws Across Borders, Lincoln Price.

Helping Paws Across Borders are still in high spirits even after their trailer with $20,000 worth of veterinarian equipment was stolen. On Thursday, the volunteers were staying at Route 66 Casino Hotel when they say their trailer was stolen from the hotels parking lot.

“When we came out the next day all of our stuff was gone. Luckily we had set up a few tables the day before inside of here but all of our equipment and everything was always kept in there,” said Founder of Helping Paws Across Borders, Angela Cherry.

Since March 9, the non-profit has been working on the To’Hajiilee reservation. The Placitas based non-profit gives free surgeries and vaccines to help pets in need on reservations in the state and even as far as South America.

In the stolen trailer, ultrasound machines, surgery tables, crates, and more are now missing. However, this isn’t going to stop them from their mission.

“We haven’t turned down any clients. We’re getting all these animals seen to and with quality vet care so I think at the end of the day this little incident isn’t going to slow us down,” said Price.

Other organizations and community members helped them get back on their feet donating supplies so they could continue their trip and work. Police are involved in helping retrieve the trailer. Cherry hopes someone will do the right thing and return everything.

Cherry mentioned, “In the meantime, we are going to get through it and do the best we can. We gave our word that we would help out here and on Zia. We are going to follow through and do it.”

According to Helping Paws Across Borders, if anyone in the public sees the trailer or know anything about the situation, to contact the Laguna Police Department.

The non-profit will be working on the To’Hajiilee reservation until tomorrow evening. They say they have already helped more than 100 dogs and cats in the past few days. Their next stop is the Zia Pueblo.