SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A non-profit that rescues cats across the state is now fighting to continue their mission. They are trying to buy the building that is home to more than 40 of their cats but it will cost them a pretty penny. Feline and Friends, a no-kill shelter, has been rescuing cats across New Mexico for 18 years.

“Pulling over 60 cats and kittens from southern New Mexico when shelters were shutting down their basic services. Or rescuing a house full of cats when the owner, unfortunately, passed away. We could not have done that without a facility like this,” said Executive Director of Felines and Friends New Mexico Bobbi Heller.

For the last six years, Santa Fe Cats, a boarding facility north of Santa Fe has been renting out space to the shelter but the owners are getting out of the boarding business and selling the building leaving Felines and Friends without a place to house many of their cats.

If we are not able to keep the space then we would be forced to find as many foster homes as we could and not take in anymore cats in need and probably put some of the younger ones back in the Santa Fe shelter,” Heller said.

They are hoping to raise a lofty $500,000 to buy the building. So far, they have raised about $80,000 and even though they are getting closer to their end of the year deadline, they are not losing hope. “We need daily donations of smaller amounts for the vet bills but we need larger donations to help us buy the premises,” Heller said.

Heller says the services they provide are important for the state. “We are known as a second chance organization and the vast majority of cats that we take in face euthanasia at other shelters,” Heller said. Unlike most other shelters, she says the cats have more room to roam including an outdoor patio. “They can go into a community Catio which is fully secure from predators, they can get sunshine and fresh air,” said Heller.

Now they hope others with a heart for cats will help them continue their mission. “We believe there may be other cat lovers out there that may not know about either us or our situation and want to help,” Heller said.

So far, Felines and Friends have rescued more than 4,000 cats.

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