LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – After the Hermits Peak Calf Canyon Fire, many New Mexicans are still struggling to get back on their feet but one nonprofit is helping out by giving one family a place to stay while they pick up the pieces.

Northern New Mexico has been rocked by fire and floods and now many are getting ready for this winter and the snow soon to follow. Families have lost everything, including Ernestina Martinez who lost the home her father built her 50 years ago.

“That house meant a lot to me, my father built that one 50 years ago with his bare hands with nothing but a chainsaw, hammers, and nails.”

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Shortly after the fires, the floods wiped out what they were trying to rebuild on. “We got flooding, which ruined the watershed so now the well is contaminated,” said Martinez.

A nonprofit in Colorado heard of the struggles Martinez and others faced from the fires and jumped in to help. “We just realized pretty quickly this is a great solution for folks who have lost everything and just need a place to rest their head until they can get back on their feet again,” said Woody Faircloth.

Woody Faircloth is the founder of Emergency RV and has helped people impacted by natural disasters all across the U.S.

People donate RVs or campers in good condition and he in turn provides shelter to someone in need including the one headed to New Mexico where Martinez and her family are in line to stay in the donated RV or one just like it.

“A couple in Grand Junction, Colorado, saw a story on the news of the work that we are doing. And they kind of looked at each other and said ‘honey we have this beautiful 5th wheel RV sitting here in the yard, it’s fully furnished it would really serve a family.”

It means a world of difference. “We would have a place to stay until we start building again or we decide what we are going to do,” said Martinez.

To donate an RV or contribute to Emergency RV, click here.