NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – New Mexico State Police are investigating a single-vehicle rollover crash involving a school bus carrying 25 eighth-grade students and three staff members from Mountain View Middle school in Roswell. NMPS say the crash happened in southern New Mexico on US 70, near mile marker 238, north of Tularosa around 8:51 Wednesday morning, west of Mescalaro when it rolled into the ditch.

According to a parent of one of the students on the bus, the kids are a part of AVID, a college-prep class, on their way to tour New Mexico State University campus. “It was raining outside and then we swerved. Left, right, left and then we just started rolling,” said one eighth-grade student aboard the bus.

A Facebook post from the school district says the injuries of those aboard the bus are minor, but NMPS says as a precaution, everyone on board was taken to the hospital and reported there were no life-threatening injuries. People driving by the scene of the crash say their only thought was helping the kids. “Unbelievable when it had happened it was terrifying, scary, everything you name it we had that feeling all we could think about was helping them, helping the kids,” said Thersa Cooper.

NMSP says the cause of the crash is under investigation by their Crash Reconstruction Unit. KRQE News 13 did reach out to Mountain View Middle school and Roswell school district for more information on the injuries, but they have not gotten back to us. One parent on social media, says her son has a back fracture and had to be transferred to a hospital in El Paso.