NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – There’s a new show made by the state that helps parents in New Mexico. Now, three episodes in, the state said it’s working.

He’s fun. He’s blue. That’s not all, though, he’s also helping New Mexico families navigate the early stages of parenthood.

The Early Show with Alax is a new program that the state’s Early Childhood, Education, and Care Department (ECECD) has put on to help new parents navigate being a parent.

It tackles topics like babies’ growth, emotions, and playtime while also providing insight on key programs that parents can have access to. Those include home visits to help families, emotional resources, and the state’s Family Infant and Toddler program.

Cabinet Secretary Elizabeth Groginsky with ECECD explained that children are drawn to Alax’s fuzzy, friendly appearance. Parents can listen along as their children watch and learn of programs and resources they have access to.

The state said since the show’s airing, they have made 1.2 million page impressions on their show’s website, and the reception from the public has been positive.

“It really, truly took off from day one. I think it’s surpassed our expectations. It has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Secretary Groginsky.

The show is slotted for five to six episodes in its pilot season, but the state said they plan to continue the show for a second season, thanks to state relief money.

They hope more and more people in the state can benefit from this program and, as Alax says, ‘help the tiny humans grow.’

“It takes a village is so true, and I think that’s what we are able to do.”

If you would like more information on ‘The Early Show with Alax’ or other programs the ECECD offers, you can click here.