ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Roswell is gearing up to welcome another UFO event. The plan it to capitalize on the spring break crowd.

Roswell, New Mexico, is world renowned for extraterrestrial-antics, because of the supposed UFO crash there in 1947. People love to visit to experience history, including Thom Reed, who’s bringing his own festival here.

“It was really the [Roswell Daily] Record and the convention center that followed up with me to see if I wanted to possibly move my event there., and being that they were so instrumental in everything, I wouldn’t say no to that,” Reed explained.

“I didn’t want to, like, jump on the bandwagon. I didn’t want to be part of something or think I was riding someone else’s coattails, you know? And they’re like, look, just come up with something that will complement what we already have in place,” Reed said. His event is called the UFOXPO.

“We are taking four different conferences and putting them all together under one roof on the same weekend,” Reed said.

Complete with opportunities to hear speakers, take in a film fest, and even cosplay, Reed has been operating the festival in Florida. He said coming to Roswell was a no-brainer.

“The reason I moved my event from Florida to Roswell was because I had been part of that family for about seven or eight years. Since the Roswell Museum inducted our family’s incident, the Berkshire’s UFO incident, into the museum.”

The Berkshire Incident is said to have occurred on Labor Day 1969. More then 250 people reported witnessing a UFO near the Upper Sheffield Covered Bridge. Thomas Reed—Reed’s father—and his family was among them.

However, Reed said he doesn’t want to step on any toes by going forward with his event since Roswell already has a UFO festival.

“I didn’t want to have this looked at as a competitive type of thing, you know? So, the way it was pitched to me was, look, you have worked very hard to preserve your family’s incident so it doesn’t get turned into a circus, and that was really the basis of what I was putting forth to Roswell,” explained Reed.

The city is supporting the event with some marketing dollars and says they welcome events like these.

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“I don’t think it is competitive in any kind of shape or form. I think it’s just that added bonus of an additional thing that you get to do,” said City of Roswell Public Affairs Director Juanita Jennings, “A lot of our industries in our downtown district and throughout the city rely on tourism dollars. And so, anytime you have an organization or an event talking about UFOs and aliens and specifically then hosting it in Roswell is a benefit to our community.”

The UFOXPO will run March 10 through the 12, and Reed said he plans to make it an annual event—in Roswell.