ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s the first of its kind to come from New Mexico; a nonbinary clothing line.

Not finding inclusivity in fashion is a feeling Finnegan Shepard knows all too well.

“I kind of had a life of experience of constantly trying to find things that I felt comfortable in. I felt like I could never find anything, eventually I just got tired of waiting and figured I had to do it myself,” said Finnegan Shepard, Owner of Both &.

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Shepard created a company to solve this called Both&, a company which makes clothing specifically for people who identify as nonbinary.

“Fashion as a whole has built its entire fit and sizing system based on average statistical proportions of bodies,” said Shepard.

Shepard did some research and found trans people have a hard time shopping in more traditional outlet stores. After interviewing many who identify as nonbinary, Shepards team created shirts, swimwear, pants, hoodies, and button downs that would fit everyone comfortably. These items are available in an online store.

Shepard added, “We have a lot of customers who were assigned female at birth, but they don’t want to be wearing feminine clothes.”

Shepard believed the company is the first of its kind for New Mexico and hopes to open brick and mortar stores one day. While the clothing line may be a new concept for some, Shepard said they are getting support. After launching last year, they have already raised seed money and gained investors.

“This population is way bigger than what you thought and it’s growing exponentially,” said Shepard.