NEW MEXICO (KRQE) — Food distributors say more people are in need of their services. Sonia Warwick with the Roadrunner Food Bank said they distribute to hundreds of locations throughout New Mexico. They have seen firsthand how people are in need of food now that SNAP benefits have returned to pre-pandemic levels.

“Those SNAP benefits are not covering all their monthly needs or even part of the monthly needs that they probably need and so they’re turning to food pantries and they’re turning to food banks like ours to get the help that they need to cover the rest of their meal gap in their household,” said Warwick.

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The Board President of the Lovington Food Coalition Rhonda Phillips said they work closely with the school district on the BackSnack Program. That initiative was designed with the goal of making sure no child is left with hunger.

“We pack bag-snacks for the children in our schools every Thursday morning right now we’re packing 160 bags a week and we have been up to 220 at times,” said Phillips.

Roadrunner Food Bank said they’re also low on food and monetary donations.