NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – An investigation has been launched into a teacher from Gadsden Independent Schools for alleged inappropriate contact with students. While he was accused of the same thing five years ago, he remained with the district. Some former students are speaking out on social media, demanding he is removed.

Former Gadsden student, Rose, turned to social media this week to speak out about what she says happened inside the walls of Gadsden High School with her teacher. The teacher in question is Daniel Tena. In 2017, KRQE reported on Tena being accused of giving students “A’s” in exchange for back rubs.

Rose says she did report the teacher back in 2018, but nothing was done. “When I was in hs at age 16, 17 in class, making really inappropriate comments verbally, but it wasn’t in writing. So I never had proof, so it made it very difficult,” said Rose.

Once Rose posted about her experience, a lot more women came forward with their own stories of Tena. One woman who didn’t want to be identified gave KRQE permission to share a conversation she says she had with Tena joking about showing her something he didn’t want her to show to anyone else. He then referenced his genitals and then sent a picture of his face.

The superintendent says they are aware of Rose’s post and the many allegations. They have launched an investigation. While these women all acknowledge that things never turned physical with Tena and technically may not be criminal, it doesn’t make it right.

The superintendent says they have placed Tena on administrative leave while they conduct an investigation. It’s too soon to know how long that could take.