NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – While a bill aimed at bringing mental wellness rooms to schools makes its way through this legislative session, a group of students are doing their part to showcase why they think it’s needed. Students at the New Mexico Academy for the Media Arts are putting together a documentary, inspired by a class project and some new legislation.

The documentary will showcase the process of lawmakers trying to pass House Bill 12, a bill that would bring a mental wellness room into schools across the state. It will also explain why students need the resource. “I am so happy to know that, that will be student led,” said Representative Pamelya Herndon, sponsor of House Bill 112.

“As someone who struggles with anxiety i think it would be very helpful to just go and reset because classes can be loud,” said Dara Vilay, 7th grader. Students like Vilay and Colbie Boyd interviewed teens at Taos High School, Alamagordo High School and their own classmates.

Interview subjects stating things like violence at school and COVID is a major cause of anxiety and stress. They believe these mental wellness rooms could be the answer. Completely designed by the students for the students. Although she is a senior and wouldn’t experience the benefit herself, Colbie Boyd hopes it will bring relief for future students. “My sister is just starting high school so knowing that she could have something like this throughout her high school life and I’ve met a lot of the kids here and I know how beneficial it would be for a lot of the kids here,” said Boyd.

Similar rooms in schools across the U.S. often contain plush seating, soft lighting, and other amenities that help them feel at home, according to an analysis by the Legislative Finance Committee.