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New Mexico satire news story spreads online, fooling hundreds

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M (KRQE) - The Farmington Tribune is getting a lot of attention for one of its articles that says Game and Fish is smuggling weed into the state. The online publication is aiming for satire and the story is 100 percent untrue, but people still believe it.

"This is ridiculous bro," said one Albuquerque local.

He's talking about an article from The Farmington Tribune. The headline reads: "New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Caught Smuggling Marijuana."

"Yea and they're selling it with licenses," another person said.

The article claims game wardens are taking weed from Colorado and selling it in New Mexico, even quoting a warden saying, "Who knew they would have enough initiative to smuggle weed?"

In the article, an "FBI official" is quoted saying, "Marijuana being sold by a few state agents isn't really that big of deal."

But this story is meant to be a joke.

"People will believe anything," said local Daniel Trujillo.

The Farmington Tribune says they write articles meant for satire, but according to the hundreds of Facebook shares and comments, like:

"Wow! Corruption."

"Why r we wasting tax payers money to pay them to smuggle marijuana in to the state??"

"This is very sad to see."

A lot of people online are buying into the lies.

"I couldn't believe it. I was like, what? Really? I can't believe that anyone would think that Game and Fish would do anything of this sort," said local Brittany Gifford.

Some people think the article is slandering government departments just for a laugh.

"The true stuff should be out there, all the truth," said Eraldo Romero. "I don't know what is hidden behind the lines but they should only post stuff what is true."

Some found it pretty entertaining.

"Well I think it's ridiculous you know, when you actually think about all the different ways to get marijuana in the streets, you far as anything goes on and you're thinking about Game and Fish," said Trujilo. "That's ridiculous, you gotta bring Game and Fish into this?"

Others think this is a good example of how misinformation can spread.

"Misinformation is a big problem," said Gifford. "People definitely need to read more into things they hear."

Monday afternoon, the FBI sent KRQE News 13 a statement saying they were not involved in the article. KRQE News 13 also reached out to Game and Fish but haven't heard back.


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