NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Much-needed help for residents in Florida affected by Hurricane Idalia continues including assistance from New Mexico Red Cross volunteers. The category three hurricane landed in Florida last week causing damage in many parts of the state.

Helping out in times of great need, that’s nothing new for Red Cross volunteers like Amy Stephenson. She, along with several volunteers from New Mexico arrived in Florida last Monday. Stephenson and the others are part of the disaster relief team helping out in Cedar Key Northwest of Tampa. It’s one of the areas that was hit hard by the storm, leaving many without electricity, toppling trees and flooding homes.

“I’ve seen the back of condos completely ripped away, I’ve seen a floating dock on somebody’s yard somebody’s sleeper sofa was in the building across from them,” said Stephenson. “People are in need of help so the faster we can assist the damage and get them financial assistance if needed then the better off they are.”

Stephenson said even though many have lost their homes, she’s seen how people are coming together to help each other during this time. It also includes working with a local church to prepare food when resources are limited.

“They feed the community, they feed us, and that has been amazing. So Cedar Key got hit pretty hard, but man, have they pulled together and just come together as a community and helped everybody out,” said Stephenson.

It’s also that love of helping out for Stephenson which is why she’s planning on extending her 14-day assignment to continue making a difference for others who need it the most.