ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Halloween is Monday, and officials are reminding parents to be careful of edibles that look just like regular candy. 

The New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center said they’ve seen an increase in cannabis-related emergency calls, and they fear it could get worse. 

“You know the two-year-old, the three-year-old those are the kids, you can’t teach them to not eat candy,” says Susan Smolinske, Director for New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center. 

The state’s Poison and Drug Information Center said in the last 11 days, they’ve seen 11 cases of children ingesting cannabis. 

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They also say cannabis-related emergency calls increased by 1000%, and “several of those calls” were about children who confused edibles for Halloween candy. 

Parents say it’s important for adults to be aware and stay vigilant. 

“I don’t think it’s anything that you should think about on just Halloween. I think it’s something that’s a concern every day. You can’t leave that stuff out and expect kids not to take it,” says Julie. 

“I’m scared because yes, you never know how they could make it with cookies, different types of candies, and our children don’t know anything,” says Karen. 

The Center says children five and younger can end up in the hospital on oxygen or on a ventilator, some even get seizures.  

Officials warn parents to check candy labels for items to make sure there is no cannabis in the product. Also, if they have cannabis edibles to make sure they are locked up and not in plain sight. 

“Like anything else, if there’s more out there, there’s more in homes, then kids will find a way,” says Smolinske. 

The Poison and Drug Information Center says they are worried because chocolate bars, hard candies, and even gummies shaped like gummy bears, are made by cannabis shops.