NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Federal regulators recently revised the nationwide broadband and internet map. The new map will help New Mexico decide where to spend its share of over $42 billion in upgrades.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) keeps track of nationwide internet access. They recently took public input to check the quality of internet provider-reported data, and now officials say there’s a more accurate picture of the gaps in coverage across New Mexico.

“The FCC’s dataset of broadband serviceable locations was missing thousands of eligible serviceable locations,” Kelly Schlegel, the director of New Mexico’s Office of Broadband Access and Expansion, said in a press release. “This could have cost millions in the funding allocation – I’m glad we were able to work with the FCC to identify 20,456 locations and 9,136 additional unserved locations. We are now in the best position to achieve the governor’s mission of making New Mexico the most connected State.”

By the end of June, New Mexico will announce more details about upcoming federal investments in expanded internet access. The funds will come from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and will be implemented over the next five years or so.