New Mexico mom speaks out after daycare workers’ conviction

New Mexico

A New Mexico mom is speaking out for the first time since two daycare workers were found guilty for leaving her daughter in a hot car. 

In 2017, Mary and Sandi Taylor left Maliyah Jones and Aubri Loya in a car for at least two hours at their Portales daycare. Maliyah died and Aubri suffered brain damage. 

On Tuesday, the women were found guilty of two counts of felony child abuse, each facing 36 years in prison when they’re sentenced.

Aubri’s mother says she’s relieved. 

“I think we all got some closure from it. We can all just put it behind us and not think about it every day and relive it. So it definitely brings some closure,” she said.

Aubri still has problems with coordination and fine motor skills. 

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