NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The House Judiciary Committee discussed two bills concerning firearms Friday. The Assault Weapons Regulation Act would outlaw large-capacity magazines, large-capacity ammunition feeding devices, and assault weapons.

If signed into law, It would require anyone with the items to surrender them to police, sell them back to a firearms dealer, or send them out of the state.

Those in support of the bill said it will get dangerous weapons, used only for death, off the streets.

People against the bill said these weapons are used every day by people in the state.

The bill went through a lot of amendments, and not every lawmaker got the chance to see the changes.

The committee decided to delay their vote on the bill. They also discussed House Bill 100, which would require a two-week waiting period before a firearm can be legally purchased in the state.

Those against the bill said criminals don’t follow the law, and this bill only punishes lawful gun owners. Supporters said studies show waiting periods save lives.

House Bill 100 passed 6 to 4.