People in Albuquerque see it all the time: streets, buildings, and schools used as backdrops for TV shows or movies. Now, everyone living in a small New Mexico town is about to get a taste of fame. 

“I freaked out. I was like oh my gosh. New Mexico barely gets any recognition like anywhere and I just thought it was amazing,” said Victoria Manus, a junior at Moriarty High School. 

Moriarty High will be the backdrop for several scenes in Disney Pictures upcoming movie, “Star Girl.”

“I know quite a few movies are filmed in places in New Mexico, and so when I found out it was at my high school it surprised me because our school is like, not really known in New Mexico,” said Eevelon Jengigan, a student at MHS. 

Among those most excited about the movie is the school’s drama class. 

“The air in the room kinda just got warmer. They’re just more excited. Like, oh my gosh really?” said Michelle Grutzik, drama and English teacher at MHS. 

In the book, “Star Girl,” a quirky, kind teenager causes a stir when she shows up at a small high school in Arizona. 

However, Disney decided the home of the green and white Pintos would be the perfect backdrop for their film. Right now, movie crews are transforming the football field and its surrounding buildings. 

“The football field will look like a school in the movie,” said Rob Adams, Principal of MHS. 

All of the green buildings are being painted maroon and gold, the colors of the school in the movie. 

The scenes being shot at the school will mostly revolve around the field, with one exception being shot in the performing arts hall. 

To fill up all of the bleachers and sidelines, the movie’s casting agency is inviting the entire town to be part of the production.

“They’re going to need football players, coaches, water boys and parents, ” said Adams. 

In a bulletin on the city of Moriarty’s website, there’s a bulletin calling for the entire community to get involved in the movie. 

The casting agency says they need 500 people for each day of their five-day shoot to be extras, and some may even have speaking roles. 

“Acting has always been a dream of mine,” said Josephine, a freshman at MHS. 

The entire town seems excited to get to participate, but for drama students at MHS, they believe this could be their big break. 

“It’s a really great opportunity for us,” said Jengigan.

The casting agency says they would like their extras to be people of all ages, who live in the East Mountains. 

If you’d like to take part, click here to apply.