The Bureau of Land Management is taking an interest in a New Mexico geologist’s discoveries that he claims are out of this world. He believes he has found parts of the alleged UFO crash near Roswell in 1947.

“Some of it could be trash, camper trash, but some of it could be interesting,” said Geologist Frank Kimbler.

Kimbler distinctly remembers the moment he discovered debris from the suspected 1947 UFO crash site.

“I started looking around all over the place, looking to see if the helicopters were going to fly over, because you get paranoid when you read the stories of about Roswell and what’s happened to people when they’ve come forward with stuff,” he said.

Over the past eight years, Kimbler has dedicated himself to finding physical proof of the UFO, going out to the suspected site 75 miles northwest of Roswell about a dozen times.

Using a metal detector, he’s collected about 20 metallic fragments the size of a fingernail.

“Some of the material that I found out there has been tested and it has anomalies that suggest that it might be of extraterrestrial origin,” said Kimbler.

Recently, Kimbler became afraid his research was in jeopardy when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contacted him, wanting to meet. 

Kimbler said he was positive he was just a test away from discovering the truth.

When the BLM called, he became a little paranoid and even removed his findings from the International UFO Museum in Roswell.

“I said sure, about had a heart attack. I’m going, ‘Oh, they’re going to arrest me, they’re going to confiscate this material,’” said Kimbler. “I always thought that I was within my legal rights as a citizen of the U.S. to go out and metal detect.”

Much to his relief, that wasn’t the case.

“It had a happy ending. I got clarification on the rules and regulations from the BLM and there was no confiscation of materials,” Kimbler said.

He believes the recent commercial interest in the site played a role in how the BLM got alerted to his presence and findings there.

Kimbler, a researcher with the International UFO Museum who has been featured in several documentaries, says he will continue to try and find suspected debris but will work with the BLM to do it the right way.