ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico Gas Company will be performing sewer-line safety checks in Roswell beginning April 11. The company is starting a 3-year project in Roswell and surrounding communities where all customers’ residential and business sewer lines will receive a precautionary inspection.

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NMGC has hired Pro Pipe to perform the work. They will be checking to confirm that no natural gas lines have been installed through sewer lines. It doesn’t create a safety hazard as long as the natural gas pipe is undamaged. However, damage can occur when equipment is used to unclog sewer pipes. If the natural gas line is damaged, it can produce a leak that could result in a fire or explosion. That could lead to injuries or death for anyone trying to unclog the sewer line and for anyone inside a home or business that is connected to the sewer line.

Pro Pipe will attempt to contact homeowners and business owners before performing an inspection but crews will go ahead if they cannot get in contact with them. Any potential issues will be reported to New Mexico Gas Company to make plans for repairs. For more information visit New Mexico Gas Company’s website.