NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Russian forces continue to hit Ukraine with artillery barrages and air strikes. Here in New Mexico, two local men are chipping in to help Ukraine with supplies, and they are using their experience in the film industry to help out.

Luke Fitch and Robert Mesa are using their drone skills to help fill a gap in Ukraine. These are specialized drones, something they have been working on for movie sets for almost a decade. They said when the Russian invasion happened they felt like those drones could be useful.

In May, they dropped off their first four drones, but they want to go back again to drop off two new concept drones. These drones will be able to carry medical supplies and essential items to soldiers and citizens who are stranded. “They might use it for shorter range supplies deliveries, carrying munitions, cameras,” said Fitch.

The duo hopes to raise money to cover some cost for the drones and to purchase medical supplies. They have a $12,000 goal and anything extra raised will rollover to a future trip to Ukraine. “Anything that can shorten the war by a day or even an hour is worth ten times its weight,” said Fitch. The two are planning to deliver their drones in August. To donate follow this link.