NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Over the years, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) has received criticism from hunters over its hunting license drawings. Now, they’re trying to keep New Mexicans informed with a new podcast.

The criticism sparked the department to create a podcast series to explain the process, answer questions, and help New Mexico hunters move to the front of the line.  

“We wanted to clarify any questions that people may have had and also kind of debunk any rumors that may have popped up over the years,” said NMDGF Communications Director Darren Vaughan. 

He explained, in the past, local hunters have complained about the drawing process for hunting licenses, saying it’s unfair. Hunters said they are never drawn despite participating every year.  

Game and Fish said they hope to clear up misunderstandings through a new podcast that will explain the process and give tips to improve their chances of being drawn. For example, by picking less popular hunts.  

“Granted it is a random draw, so there’s only so much you can do, but we definitely want to give people the knowledge that empowers them to make the decision that they’re most comfortable with.”

Game and Fish explained the episodes will focus on the species involved including deer, elk, and turkey. They will also invite biologists that will give hunting recommendations. 

According to Game and Fish, 84% of all draw licenses go to New Mexico residents, 10% go to those who have hired an outfitter, and 6% go to non-residents.  

Local hunters expressed they’re excited about the podcast. 

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“If you use it, it can really help you because they’re giving you a lot of information on how to draw and what to do, but if you’re not utilizing it, then you may not realize some of the stuff that has changed in the process,” said hunter Kaylene Lujan. 

“I think any information that we can give out to the public is great, and any knowledge that I can gain for possibly drawing better odds is very helpful,” stated hunter, Erik Lujan. 

The Department of Game and Fish said they plan to release episodes on their social media and website every Friday starting February 10.