NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – As the monsoon rains continue across the state, concerns over flash floods are high in the communities of San Miguel and Mora counties. A flash flood watch is now in effect across the state, including those areas.

Many in the communities there have been preparing for a few days now but say they still are not ready and need as much help as they can get. The communities of Mora, Holman, and Cleveland have been working alongside the state and National Guard to create sandbags and remove fencing that would help alleviate the damage that flooding can bring.

They have been making sandbags for days now and are picking up the pace. The current machine they have makes 1,200 a day but the state is sending another on Monday that will help speed up the process making 1,200 an hour.

Community members say they need all the help they can get because the flooding threat continues beyond Sunday. “The issue is going to remain first several weeks, you know, this rain event that’s coming in this week. This coming week is just one, and so I still think it’s a good thing to bring that machine in, even though we should have probably had it at the start,” said volunteer coordinator, Tobias Lavato.  

The community is also working to protect public infrastructures like public water wells, the firehouse, and the police station, which are all located in the flood plain. They are calling for more volunteers to help place sandbags to help divert rising water.

For those who would like to volunteer to help the communities in Mora and San Miguel counties, you can contact Tobias Lavato in Mora County at 505-670-7050 and Dennis Esquibel in San Miguel County at 505-429-6805.