ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Feeling Friend LCC is a company that creates aromatherapy sensory tools to help promote emotional resilience. CEO Pam Meyer and CEO Lee Anna Maestas visited KRQE to share details about their company.

The Feeling Friend mission is to help empower kids, teens, and adults to develop healthy coping skills and emotional self-regulation. Maestas said emotional regulation is important to navigate through difficult periods of life including crises and stressful situations.

Their products vary but mostly feature little, round creatures with essential oils on the inside. The Feeling Friend has a ‘tactful sensory’ nature and can distract the user to divert negative feelings.

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Aromatherapy can connect feelings to smells, the duo said. This might create a calming effect if someone smells something comforting or familiar. The company is also planning on releasing a children’s book in the future.