NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A new study by Google identifies the most popular food in each state. According to the New Mexico’s, it’s Mexican food.

That is raising a lot of eyebrows around here, could it be that they’re not recognizing the difference in Mexican and New Mexican. New Mexicans are very passionate about their New Mexican cuisine but it seems the rest of the world has not quite caught on to what makes it different.

“New Mexican food is definitely unique. It’s got its own taste and flavor,” says Bernadette Lloyd.

If you’re a true local, “Mexican food to me, I didn’t grow up on it. Its sweeter, it’s definitely a different taste in how they serve it to us so that’s not my favorite,” Lloyd says.

Even outsiders notice a difference. “The vibe that I get is, it more native here,” says Hurb Beesley.

According to a study done by Google, in New Mexico, Mexican cuisine reigns supreme. “I think if you ask most people they prefer the New Mexican,” Lloyd says.

So just how did Google come up with this. Google uses A-I to categorize search terms for national cuisines, then counts how often they are used then determines an interest score. Locals think New Mexican restaurants just got lost in the shuffle.

“I think it’s slowly being recognized but I think in general it’s probably being lumped in on a national level,” says Frank Barela Jr., General Manager of Cocina Azul.

Locals will tell you it’s all about the chile. “Mexican vs New Mexican I think Mexican has more of a sauce than chile, green chile has actual texture, thickness that is grown,” Barela says.

“Here you want the real chile, the real stuff not what you find on Mexican menus,” Lloyd says.

New Mexico ranks as America’s fourth most popular state for Mexican cuisine, it tied with Arkansas.